What is Fujihack?


Fujihack Runs DOOM

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Portable Debugger Patch

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What's Been Done?

Hacked Models

What's being worked on?

Would it work with my camera?

FujiHack will only ever work on Fujifilm X/GFX/HS/F/Z/Pro cameras. See the unsupported models list. In general, FujiHack does NOT support the XP and S series Fujifilm cameras. The S Series has already been hacked by CHDK forum members.

What is it written in?

The firmware debugger patches are written in ARM Assembly. Most Fujifilm cameras run a custom ARM v6 SoC. Everything else is written in C.

When will you work on X?

Fujihack has and will always be non-commercial, hobbyist, and therefore will have no plans or deadlines. If you desperately need a feature on your camera, hacking it should be a last resort in most cases.

Still interested?

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