What is Fujihack?

  • Fujihack is a software that can be run on Fujifilm cameras.
  • It's currently a research project and doesn't have any useful photography features.


What's been done?

Will it work with my camera?

FujiHack will only work on Fujifilm X/GFX/HS/F/Z/Pro cameras. You can put your firmware file into the web patcher to see if FujiHack is compatible with your firmware type. In general, FujiHack does NOT support the XP and S series Fujifilm cameras. The S Series has already been hacked by CHDK forum members.

What is it written in?

The firmware debugger patch that allows PTP/USB code execution is written in 32 bit Arm Assembly. Most Fujifilm cameras are Arm v7. The code that is loaded onto the camera through PTP/USB is written in C and Rust.

When will you support X?

Being an non-profit open source project, FujiHack is not a company and has no deadlines or plans. This is a hobby project, and is only developed when the nerds feel like fooling around with it.