Update on Fujihack Project Structure

March 3rd, 2023

For the past year and a half, Fujihack has been a solely a research project, with little useful features. I'm planning on changing this in the coming months with some significant changes to the project's structure:

The menus, UI library, linker, app system, and scripting engine will be provided by a separate project I'm working on, called Frontier.

Frontier is a Utility Operating System that will allow camera hacks to be easier to develop, test, and debug. Fujihack will use most of the code in Fujihack minus the POSIX compatible kernel, which will be provided by fujihack.
Frontier will be usable both on Fujifilm cameras, a custom emulator, and possibly other devices in the future. Being able to run the system on multiple devices will not only make development less painful, but should ensure better stability and safety.